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other contaminating activity value
For polluted sites: activity which polluted the soil and groundwater on the site. For inventories of potentially polluted sites: the activities present on the site which have a potential for polluting soil and groundwater, dependent on processes, size an management. This list is an extension of the NACE codelist of industrial activities and made to cover other types of possibly polluting activities.
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Label Parent Governance level Status
Sites with major-accident hazards involving dangerous substances according to Seveso-directive eu-technical Valid
City gasworks eu-technical Valid
Areas for handling and storage of hazardous materials on ports, airports and military sites eu-technical Valid
Petrol and filling stations, large oils tank sites eu-technical Valid
Dry cleaners eu-technical Valid
Mining installations eu-technical Valid
Pesticides factories, reformulation and storage sites eu-technical Valid
Uncontrolled hazardous waste landfills eu-technical Valid
Land raising or filling in waterways with hazardous waste materials eu-technical Valid
Site of pumping stations and/or pipelines eu-technical Valid