organic carbon content

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organic carbon content
Portion of the soil measured as carbon in organic form, excluding living macro and mesofauna and living plant tissue.
SOURCE 1 ISO 11074:2005 NOTE 1 Organic carbon content can serve as an indirect determination of organic matter through the use of an approximate correction factor. The “Van Bemmelen factor” of 1.724 has been used for many years and is based on the assumption that organic matter contains 58 percent organic carbon. The literature indicates that the proportion of organic C in soil organic matter for a range of soils is highly variable. Any constant factor that is selected is only an approximation. The ecuation for the estimation of the organic matter according to this factor is the following one: OM (%) = 1.724 x OC (%) SOURCE 2 NRCS Natural Resources Conservation Service Soil survey laboratory information manual Soil survey investigation report n.45 version 2.0 February 2011 pag. 247 NOTE 2 The soil organic carbon content is a parameter to be taken into account for meeting the (i) Council regulation (EC) No 1782/2003 (Common Agricultural Policy), (ii) Agri-environmental indicators that track the integration of environmental concerns into CAP at EU, national and regional levels, (iii) Directive 2009/28/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council (energy from renewable resources)
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