INSPIRE Knowledge Base

Call for Submissions

Scope of the call for presentations, workshops and posters

The INSPIRE conferences generally offer a mix of workshops and presentations covering policies, reports on implementation progress, applications in various domains and technical implementation issues and achievements. INSPIRE conferences are also known for their open dialogue on 'what works', 'what does not work' and 'what can be done about it '.

Taking into account the environmental dimension of INSPIRE, the conference theme, the Digital society focus and the 2016-2020 MIWP INSPIRE Maintenance and Implementation work program priorities (regulatory monitoring and reporting,  closing the implementation gap and priority settings, fitness-for-purpose and simplification of requirements/simplifying  implementation and use)  the call will be structured around four headline topics for which contributions in the form of workshops, oral presentations or posters are welcome.

1.     Using INSPIRE for environment and the digital society

2.     Capacity building - Technologies and Training

3.     The INSPIRE Maintenance and Implementation Work Programme 2017-2020

4.     INSPIRE Thinking out of the box – INSPIRE innovation