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This Conference

This Conference 

The conference will contribute to the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive by 2020 and serves to demonstrate the potential of the European Spatial Data Infrastructure resulting from INSPIRE for the environment and the EU Digital society. At the conference public and private sector stakeholders will meet and discuss the progress reached so far, discover new opportunities, and further examine possibilities for accelerating the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive.

The conference will focus in particular on providing incentives for strengthened cross-border and cross-sector cooperation among all those stakeholders active at national, regional and local levels.

The conference will further demonstrate and promote the use of the European Spatial Data Infrastructure beyond the environment. To this end, it will cover wider application areas such as e-Government and other application areas of geospatial information and technologies related to EU political priorities such as the Digital Single Market, the Better Regulation agenda, the Circular economy, the European Space Strategy, the international agreements on Climate Change, COP 21 'Paris Agreement' and the Sustainable Development Goals.

The following specific goals will be pursued:

  1. Strengthen the collaboration across all levels of government and borders in view of building a European Spatial Data Infrastructure as a multi-purpose digital infrastructure based on legal and technical interoperability arrangements.
  2. Foster the dialogue between the user communities of the Spatial Data Infrastructure and those that manage its resources.
  3. Contribute to capacity building through training, exchange of best practices and dialogue with the geospatial technology providers, standardization bodies and application implementers
  4. Demonstrate the potential of the EU Spatial Data Infrastructure leveraged through the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive for the EU environmental legislation, the EU Digital society and other key EU policies and initiatives.