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Why attend?

What can you expect from the INSPIRE 2017 Conference?  

2 days of workshops, 3 days of conference with 3 plenaries and 48+ parallel sessions and exhibition and 1000+ participants

'You should attend'

The INSPIRE Directive is being implemented to support EU environmental policies and policies or activities which may have an impact on the environment.  In the context of the EU Digital Single Market initiatives it is also a contribution to the EU e-Government Action Plan 2016-2020.

INSPIRE facilitates the access and use of a very wide range of digital spatial data.
The applicability of this spatial data and the services which allow to find, access and use the data goes beyond environmental policies.  As a consequence, INSPIRE is of use in various activities related to e-Government, transport, navigation, agriculture, regional development, energy, health, safety & security and even e-Commerce.
This broad field of application makes INSPIRE a building block of the EU digital society and through its potential for better decision-making, a contributor to the EU's priorities for inclusive and sustainable growth, jobs and innovation.

Why should you attend?

•    You want to learn about INSPIRE, about its coherence with other EU, national, regional policies and its wider policy relevance.
•    You want to share your experience, your requirements or showcase your work
•    You are interested in working together and building partnerships with others across borders, across sectors and across different levels of government
•    You want to learn about the status and outlook of the implementation of INSPIRE
•    You want to contribute to the discussions around the fitness-for-purpose of INSPIRE
•    You develop, provide or require technical solutions and services
•    You provide or require technical training and capacity building
•    You have new ideas on - or you are looking for -  inspiration about innovative business models, technology integration and applications
•    You are interested …

You are/represent:

•    A local, a regional, a national or an EU level political decision-making or coordination body
•    A public sector implementer or user of spatial data, services and applications.
•    A private sector user, a geospatial technology provider, an application developers  or technical standard organization
•    An EU level or other international agency eventually involved in EU level or global initiatives and programmes
•    An academic institute, a research institute or a student
•    None of the above… but you are still interested…