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INSPIRE Conference 2018
Make it work together
See you in Antwerp
18-21 September
From 18 to 21 September, the European Commission, The Netherlands and Belgium are welcoming you to the 2018 edition of the INSPIRE conference in Antwerp, Belgium. 
These are exciting times! Following the digital transition that is firmly taking shape, we now stand on the brink of a green transition. The Paris Agreement on Climate Change fuels the energy transition in the world. Circular economy principles, in which we consider waste to be resources, are increasingly incorporated in local policy. Meanwhile administrations, research institutes and curious and involved citizens monitor the natural environment they live in and care for. At the interface of these different actors lies a fundamental asset of the INSPIRE Directive: the obstacle free sharing of geospatial data and information across all levels of government and borders!
Now that the INSPIRE implementation and numerous (EU) scientific, green and technical initiatives are maturing, time is right to effectively help elevate each other. We can make it work for the common benefit of our societies and the economy. If only we work together!
Join us at  INSPIRE users: Make it work together and meet creators, specialists, developers and users of Europe’s digital highway for sharing spatial data on the environment. 


Opening Plenary


During the Opening Plenary session selected political leaders will address the fine balance of users, producers and the ephemeral stardust needed to make an undertaking like INSPIRE work ... ! 

11:00 Tuesday, 18 September 2018    


The transition to a Green Economy and INSPIRE

The Green Economy is everywhere, but is it? Come and find out how the use of Geospatial Information can adequately answer that question, and many others ...


In the past, economic growth often seemed to depend on using up natural resources as though supplies were unlimited. Recognizing this unsustainable trend the EU is now moving towards a Green economy as major contributor to our overall growth and wellbeing without harming our environment. A Green economy empowered by innovative economic instruments and technologies allowing  to better manage our resources more efficiently and where sustainable consumption and production go hand in hand with better policies for water and waste.
This plenary will reflect on the potential of geospatial information and technologies to further empower such a transition towards a Green economy and the relevancy of INSPIRE as geospatial legal framework for this purpose.


11:00 Wednesday, 19 September 2018    


Digital Transformation – INSPIRE – Digital Transition

Transit or transform : what core advantages will applying green and digital technologies bring, and how do we need to adapt our modus operandi to really take full advantage of them?


The digital transformation of EU business and society presents enormous growth potential for Europe. Geospatial technologies and the management of geospatial information combined with the range of opportunities that technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data – including Earth observation, advanced manufacturing, blockchain technologies and artificial intelligence offer, can be a major contributor to such growth. This will enable our industry to become a major player in the emerging markets for the products and services of the future while delivering the technologies needed for our society to realise our transition towards a Green economy.
Within the partnership of the Urban Agenda for the EU on the digital transition, cities, EU countries and the European Commission work together to provide more efficient public services and a better knowledge exchange. They focus on future health and social care services, eGovernment, 5G, urban planning, future learning and skills development
This plenary will focus on the interplay between the digital transformation and its embedded innovation in technologies and the Green and Digital transition initiatives.
It will look at geospatial information from a  Big data and digital platforms perspective and reflect on  the need for building up Digital Skills , on the importance of ICT standardization and interoperability and the role of Cities and regions as major players in the Digital and Green transition.

11:00 Thursday, 20 September 2018      


INSPIRE Take Aways


"Location, location, location" they truely are the three most important parameters in providing services and doing business. See how location information should be the heart of any strategy to provide services to the citizen. Forget the Information society, be INSPIREd by the Location Society!


12:30 Friday, 21 September 2018