INSPIRE Knowledge Base


1 (Geo)Semantic Applications for Everyday Use Originating from INSPIRE Tomas Reznik
2 A Lightweight Platform for Facilitating Web Application Development on top of INSPIRE Services Simon Jirka
3 A blueprint towards enabling flexible geospatial e-service delivery Maxim Chantillon
4 About the Open Source Geospatial Foundation OSGeo Europe and INSPIRE dirk frigne
5 Adding INSPIRE capabilities to existing Enterprise GIS Infrastructures Lucian Zavate
6 Cultural Heritage Data; from Collecting to Using Ouns Kissiyar
7 DOV released the Taskmanager extension to publish INSPIRE data and improved the performance of GeoServer Marleen Van Damme
8 Data provenance provision to support the evaluation of the South America flooding risk area Monica De Martino
9 DataBio Tomas Mildorf
10 Digitisation - Environmental Data - INSPIRE Heino Rudolf
11 EUXDAT Tomas Mildorf
12 Evolution of Land Cover and Land Use data dominique laurent
13 Experience with INSPIRE Validator from the Czech Republic Petr Souček
14 Extensions of INSPIRE data models: 2 use cases in Italy in the field of utility networks and public lighting. Antonio Rotundo
15 Future-proofing INSPIRE Marten Hogeweg
16 GGIS SUITE Rafael Navascués
17 How to benefit from the interoperability indicator of the INSPIRE geoportal to achieve INSPIRE conformity Fabio Vinci
18 INSPIRE Coordination at Länder Level – A Decentralised Approach in Lower Saxony Thorsten Jakob
19 INSPIRE Training Platform: “Technical Assistance for Capacity Building in the Horizontal Sector for the Implementation of INSPIRE Directive” Dursun Yıldırım Bayar
20 INSPIRING SMART CITIES Dursun Yıldırım Bayar
21 Improving access and harmonisation of geospatial information (i.e. Address regystry) in Macedonia in cooperation with the Dutch Cadastre Janette Storm
22 Individual, institutional and territorial capacity building model evaluation and local SDI development support Joaquim Mamede
23 Is it possible to have interoperable geological data and avoid information loss? Katarzyna Jóźwik
24 Knowledge and routines of data quality assessment in ecosystems services research knowledge network Joaquim Mamede
25 Liberec Region Atlas of the Environment Karel Charvat
26 Linking Environmental Features - ELFIE, the OGC Environmental Linked Features Interoperability Experiment Katharina Schleidt
27 Management and Monitoring of Geographic Data Services Gulec ALIR
28 OGC SensorThings API - An Option for O&M Data in INSPIRE? Katharina Schleidt
29 Obtaining a high resolution bathymetric of Mar Menor and its publication through INSPIRE services Manuel Erena
30 Oskari - The Tool for Your SDI Timo Aarnio
31 PSI & INSPIRE : sooner or later the twain shall meet! Ouns Kissiyar
32 Photogrammetric data harmonisation for INSPIRE Annex II Michal Pulawski
33 PoliVisu Tomas Mildorf
34 Smart INSPIRE services - The Finnish Geospatial Platform joins up metadata and services using Artificial Intelligence Teemu Saloriutta
35 Spatial data discovery and indexing tools: an approach based on metadata and fitness for use Pedro Castro
36 THE H2020-EO EOPEN PROJECT Guido Vingione
37 THE METADATA MANAGER OF THE AZORES - Creating metadata In Compliance with the Inspire Directive rules Vanda Marcos
38 Taking advantage of INSPIRE data Ken Bragg
39 The European Datacube: Serving Analysis-Ready Big Data Cubes Peter Baumann
40 The Map of Open SDI/ INSPIRE 2.0 Bastiaan van Loenen
41 The federal Belgium geo-platform, harmonisation processes for appropriate metadata. Benoît Fricheteau
42 There would be no INSPIRE without a coordinated cooperation Eva Pauknerova
43 Tracing wastewater to prevent environmental damage and health issues Katleen Miserez
44 Transition to Circular Economy in Greece: investigating the potential to aggregate city-level data on LCA through the use of geodata. Constantinos Antonopoulos
45 Use of shared service platforms for the publication of XPlanung and INSPIRE Andreas Rose
46 Using Blended Data Sources in Co-creating Public Services Harri Jalonen
47 Visualising INSPIRE data: opportunities and roadblocks Niels Charlier
48 WPS REST – a simplified way for integrating processing facilities in Spatial Data Infrastructures Christoph Stasch
49 WaCoDiS - Identifying Element Inputs in Water Bodies relying on INSPIRE and Copernicus Simon Jirka
50 eHealth standardisation - activity in ETSI for global eHealth Scott Cadzow
51 « France seashore ortho-photography» : use cases and technical & functional specifications for a third edition Pascal Lory