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Procedures and Deadlines

Procedures and deadlines

If you are going to give a presentation or present a poster, please take note of the following practical information.


As the time table for presentations is very tight, the organisation of the INSPIRE Conference will pre-load all presentations on conference laptops.

What we need from you is

  • Your powerpoint presentation designed for 16:9 screens
    Note: your presentation will be made available online. Do not use copyrighted material in your presentation.


  • Our email address is
    Please use or a similar service because our mailbox cannot handle large attachments. You really help us out if you mention title, day and time you will present in the accompanying message.
  • Deadline: September 7, 2018

Please note that if you have to switch presentations last minute, you will have less time to give your presentation!

10 minute presentation - Tips and tricks
There is so much to tell, and you only have 10 minutes… It is a TED-talk worthy challenge. Check out the poster for tips and tricks.

This year’s posters will be presented in an “forest of pillars” where people can sit, relax, and enjoy your poster. We will print and hang the posters for you. So everything will be ready for you upon arrival.

What we need from you is

  • Your designed poster in .ppt or .pdf format, portrait, 70 x 100 cm
    Keep in mind that the printer will not print to the edges. So keep margins of 1,5 cm on all sides to make sure all content will be visible!
    Please do not use copyrighted material on your poster.


  • Deadline: September 1, 2018


In need of inspiration? Youtube provides some nice tips for designing scientific posters