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This Conference

This conference will focus on three strands:

First comes first: the use and the users of INSPIRE.

INSPIRE is the interoperability framework enabling 'applications and technical experts' to become more efficient and effective in serving applications for a wide range of policies to the end-users. Through actual and potential use cases, we wish to show the added value and benefits of INSPIRE for both the technical experts and the end-users. On the same hand, by those use cases, we aim to create a stronger basis for implementation by the data providers, shifting the mindsets from a perceived legal burden to one that offers opportunities for more effective business models in a 'user-centric' digital service community.

Second: for the greater cause, but not alone.

The implementation of a digital infrastructure framework such as INSPIRE is only a means to an end, offering only part of the solutions that we need to address the outstanding and emerging  digital transformation and information challenges for better sustainable governance in a geospatially enabled user-centric digital society. Addressing such global to local challenges requires strong synergies between European, national, regional and local strategies, programmes and initiatives.

This conference is a platform where the potential and need for greater synergies will be discussed among those involved in the design and implementation of relevant global to local initiatives in the context of i.a the 7th European Environmental Action plan,  the European Digital Single Market ,  the Paris agreement on climate change, the UN Sustainable Development Goals  and the EU Space strategy programmes such as Copernicus and Galileo/EGNOS and those of the Group of Earth Observations, GEO

With synergy being the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts, particular attention will be given to dialogue with and between the local levels where initiatives such as Smart Cities, citizens science initiatives and connected communities turn global thinking into local action and tangible  benefits for the citizens and their environment.

And third: what can we improve to make it work better?

Through-out the years, important efforts have been made by the EU Member States and EFTA countries to make spatial data available through INSPIRE. The more data and services are added, the more INSPIRE will be used. However, both data providers and users experience difficulties in implementing and using INSPIRE and clear priorities need to be set.

This conference offers the opportunity to have an exchange of view on the nature of the problems encountered and the possible solutions. Problems can relate to organizational, data policies and governance issues as well as to the more technical aspects of INSPIRE. In particular for addressing the latter, the participation of technology and tools providers from the private and open source communities will be an important contribution to the debate.


Join us at the INSPIRE 2018 conference to make it work together.