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Important News

Because of the risk associated with COVID-19 infection and to ensure the health care of all the community, we have reluctantly decided to cancel the INSPIRE Conference 2020.

We are sorry that we cannot present the exciting programme we had put together for the 2020 conference but we will issue a new call for abstracts for the 2021 conference soon!

INSPIRE 2020 – the Virtual Conference!

However, all is not lost!
In the meantime, we invited the organisers of special sessions and workshops to host their events in special online series of webinars and we are pleased to announce that a large number took up our invitation!

So, we invite you to explore the new programme
Virtual Conference Programme
and join us at the
INSPIRE 2020 Online Conference
3rd - 12th June 2020

You can register your interest to attend the individual free webinars and stay up to date with INSPIRE related developments and plans.

“Bringing sustainability and digitalisation together"

For the 2020 conference, we propose a focus on sustainable digitalisation (digital transition) and digital sustainability (social, economic and environment) – in line with the Towards a Sustainable Europe by 2030. The idea is to address both, how digitalisation could help towards a more sustainable Europe, but also what are the environmental issues and risks with digitalisation. More...

Join us at INSPIRE 2020 Conference: Bringing sustainability and digitalisation together. We are just at the right moment to look to the future and pave the sustainable way for the future.