INSPIRE Knowledge Base

Guidelines for Submissions

"Bringing sustainability and digitalisation together" - INSPIRE CONFERENCE 2020

General guidelines and information for submissions (presentations, sessions, workshops and posters)

  • All abstracts and submission details must be submitted in English
  • Abstracts are limited to 400 words
  • Do not include the abstract title or author information in the body of the abstract. This information will be added from the information submitted in previous steps.
  • The submitter will receive a confirmation email confirming receipt of the submission with the access details for the submission.
  • Please check your data carefully before submitting.
  • The abstract will appear in the programme as submitted.

Specific guidelines for oral presentations

Default oral presentation sessions are 'speed presentations'

There will be a maximum of 6 presentations of 5 minutes. This will be followed by approximately 30 minutes of 6 breakouts in the room where people from the audience can further discuss with the presenters. In the final 30 minutes of the session the 6 presenters will present in 5 minutes the outcome of their breakout discussions to the audience.

Specific guidelines for session proposals

We invite Communities, Networks or EC policy areas to propose full sessions.

The session proposer should contact potential speakers for their session and to ask them to make individual presentation proposals according above guidelines. To propose a session, in addition to providing an abstract outlining the purpose of the session, please complete  a session description file with the following information.

  • Title of session(s)
  • Session length in 90' timeslots
  • Session type (Speed or Regular)
  • Expected number of participants
  • Community or Network proposing the session
  • Contact Information for proposed session (name, affiliation, e-mail)
  • Session description and motivation
  • Session agenda - with submission details of individual submissions, including  submission id  of each presentation submission


  • If the programme committee does not accept the session proposal the individual submissions may still be accepted and assigned to another session.
  • The programme committee can also suggest presentations for the proposed sessions from other submissions -  if need be.

Specific guidelines for Data Challenge proposals.

We invite Communities, Networks or EC policy areas to propose a data challenge. In addition to providing an abstract outlining the purpose of the data challenge, please complete  a challenge description file with the following information.

  • Summary of challenge
  • Key issues or questions to answer
  • Required knowledge or skills
  • Datasets offered
  • Other relevant datasets
  • New technologies to test or evaluate
  • Resources offered
  • Tools provided or suggested
  • Desired outcome
  • Benefits for the teams
  • Background and context
  • Submitting organisations

Specific guidelines for Workshop proposals

The minimum duration of a workshop is 90min. The maximum duration of a workshop is 3 hours.

To propose a workshop, in addition to providing an abstract outlining the purpose of the workshop, please complete a workshop description file with the following information. 

  • Title of workshop
  • Workshop length in 90' timeslots
  • Workshop type (Brainstorming/tutorial/hackathon/demonstration)
  • Expected number of participants
  • Contact Information for proposed workshop (name, title, address, country, phone, fax, e-mail)
  • Purpose of the workshop including specific learning objectives.
  • Instructions for participants - materials required (laptops, pre-workshop preparation)
  • Detailed description of your event (including workshop agenda and description of how the workshop organiser will promote participation to his workshop).

Additional important information for workshop organisers

We encourage workshop organisers to have a high degree of interaction between the participants, rather than a sequence of presentations! Each room is equipped with a laptop/projector and audio system. Any additional materials (flipcharts, post-it, pens, etc.) required for the running of the workshops should be provided by the workshop organisers. 

Workshop organisers will be asked to prepare a workshop report directly after the workshop. The report should outline the outcomes of the workshop and in particular any issues identified relevant to assessing the impact of INSPIRE to date.  

Before the conference, the organising committee will contact the workshop organiser to discuss the format and logistics of the workshop. 

Specific guidelines for poster proposals

Please follow the general guidelines above.

Special Edition of the IJSDIR

If you wish to submit a short /full paper for the special edition of the IJSDIR in addition to the 400 word abstract please also submit your short (3000 word) paper following the IJSDIR guidelines.