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INSPIRE principles within Maritime Spatial Planning

Session: INSPIRE principles within Maritime Spatial Planning

Date: Friday, June 12, 2020 - 14:00

Chair: Andrej Abramic

Title Presenter View Presentation
The Mediterranean regional infrastructure for data reporting - H2020 data collection. Michael Assouline (EEA)
EMODNET- Human activities : steps forward for INSPIRE compliance Yolanda Sagaminaga (AZTI)
Web portals and software tools for MSP in the Adriatic-Ionian Region and Mediterranean Sea Alessandro Sarretta (CNR)
Integrating MSFD (IMAP) and MSPD requirement in Marine Spatial Plan for Montenegro  - the challenges Marina Marković (PAP/RAC)
PLASMAR project applying INSPIRE data management Andrej Abramic  (ECOAQUA/ULPGC)
Copernicus Marine Service data and information in support to MSP Fabrice Messal(Mercator Ocean International for CMEMS)
Reporting under the Marine Strategy Framework Directive and access to the data  Irene del Barrio (EEA)
BASEMAPS approach Florent Nicolas (HELCOM)
MSP INSPIRE data model Andrej Abramic (ECOAQUA@ULPGC)
Using a common Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD) as solution to standardize the symbology in a MSP INSPIRE data model Olvido Tello (IEO)