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Hungary - 2021: Country Fiche

Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • State of Play
    • Coordination
    • Functioning and coordination of the infrastructure
    • Usage of the infrastructure for spatial information
    • Data Sharing Arrangements
    • Costs and Benefits
  • Key Facts and Figures. 
    • Monitoring Indicators

The INSPIRE Directive sets the minimum conditions for interoperable sharing and exchange of spatial data across Europe as part of a larger European Interoperability Framework and the e-Government Action Plan that contributes to the Digital Single Market Agenda. Article 21 of INSPIRE Directive defines the basic principles for monitoring and reporting. More detailed implementing rules regarding INSPIRE monitoring and reporting have been adopted as Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2019/1372 on the 19th August 2019.

This country fiche highlights the progress in the various areas of INSPIRE implementation. It includes information on monitoring 2020 acquired in December 2020 and Member States update.

State Of Play

A high-level view on the governance, use and impact of the INSPIRE Directive in Hungary. More detailed information is available on the INSPIRE knowledge base.


National Contact Point
Name of Public Authority: 
Department of Land Administration, Prime Ministry, Hungary
Contact Email: 
MIG Contacts: 
Contact Person: 
Tamás Palya
MIG T Contacts: 
Contact Person: 
Gyula Iván
Contact Person: 
Tamás Palya
Coordination Structure & Progress: 
  • National Contact point


Name of the public authority


Contact information:

Mailing address

1055 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos tér 11. HUNGARY

Telephone number


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Email address 

Organisation’s website URL 

Contact person (if available)

Ms Piroska ZALABA

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Contact person - substitute (if available)

Mr Tamás PALYA

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  • Coordination Structure
  • Progress
    • The National Coordination Body founded in sense of Art. 10 of the National Environmental Information System for supporting the INSPIRE Directive was disbanded on 29/05/2010. The Ministry for Agriculture plays the role of the National Contact Point with the support of the Central Surveying and Geoinformation State Organisation of Hungary.
    • The implementation of the INSPIRE Directive is actively supported by HUNAGI (Hungarian Association for Geographic Information), which is an NGO. Every year within the period of 2013-2015 HUNAGI organised a conference prompting INSPIRE in order to strengthen the collaboration of local and central governments, other bodies of public sector, academia, and industry.
    • Hungary is lagging behind in INSPIRE implementation. Following the visit of DG Environment Hungary prepared an action plan on accelerating the progress.

Functioning and coordination of the infrastructure

  • Currently no national SDI with harmonised rules exists in Hungary. Each sector handles data according to their own regulations in force. There is no regulation that requires the harmonisation of data, metadata, access, etc. at national level.
  • Art. 36 of Regulation XLVI/2012 on national surveying and mapping set the establishment of the national SDI. The implementing rules of the Regulations are currently being drafted.
  • By April of 2016 the organisations responsible for the INSPIRE data themes have been identified.
  • Many different data portals have been put in place, but the services are not harmonised.
  • End of 2016 the new Hungarian INSPIRE metadata portal ( was created and registered in the INSPIRE geoportal. The portal is collecting (harvesting) the INSPIRE metadata from the data provider. The existing services for INSPIRE themes are available through the local portals and websites.
  • The Central Surveying and Geoinformation State Organisation of Hungary implemented a coordinate transformation service between the unified national projection system (EOV) and ETRS89. The service can be used without charges.

Usage of the infrastructure for spatial information

  • The Mining and Geological Survey of Hungary as well as the Central Surveying and Geoinformation State Organisation of Hungary participated in a big number of project where the data exchange was implemented according to the rules of INSPIRE or aim at elaborating common technical specifications for data exchange (MIN4EU, EGIP, MIN4EU, EGIP,GIS4EU, ESDIN, HUMBOLDT, EURADIN, EULEF). 

Data sharing arrangements

  • Regulation XLVI/2012 on national surveying and mapping prescribes payments for data exchange between all parties, comprising public authorities. There are only a few exceptions stated by the regulation (disaster management, and in a limited extent education and research). Against payment the data are accessible.
  • The Central Surveying and Geoinformation State Organisation of Hungary and the Forestry Directorate of the National Food Chain Safety Office (NÉBIH) have agreed about the mutual exchange of orthoimagery and the forestry databases. 

Costs and benefits

  • National topographic and cadastral mapping does not receive budgetary contribution; all the costs of production and maintenance must be covered by own revenues generated by the services and data usage.
  • In the past years the Mining and Geological Survey of Hungary spent around 5 (engineer level) person years on transforming their data and services in INSPIRE compliant ones. 
  • Being INSPIRE compatible allows to participate in more European integration projects. 
Key facts and figures