INSPIRE enumeration register

INSPIRE enumeration register
Content Summary:
The INSPIRE enumeration register contains the enumerations and their values, as defined in the INSPIRE implementing rules on interoperability of spatial data sets and services (Commission Regulation (EU) No 1089/2010).
European Union
Register manager:
European Commission, Joint Research Centre
Control body:
Control body for the central INSPIRE registers and INSPIRE register federation
Nominated submitting organisations for the central INSPIRE registers and INSPIRE register federation
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Show only valid items
Label Themes Application schema Status
Comparison operator Observable Properties Valid
Vertical position Base Types Valid
Legal status Administrative Units Valid
Technical status Administrative Units Valid
Origin Hydro - Physical Waters Valid
Protection classification Protected Sites Simple Valid
Min Max track Railway Transport Network Valid
Track Gauge category Railway Transport Network Valid
CEMT class Water Transport Network Valid
Transport type Common Transport Elements Valid
Minimum or maximum track number Road Transport Network Valid
Nature of speed limit Road Transport Network Valid
Functional road class Road Transport Network Valid
Elevation property type Elevation - Base Types Valid
Surface type Elevation - Base Types Valid
Contour line type Elevation - Vector Elements Valid
Determination method Natural Risk Zones Valid