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European Union Location Framework (EULF)

What is EULF about? 

The objective of this action is to test the concept of a European Union Location Framework (EULF), an EU-wide, cross-sector interoperability framework for the exchange and sharing of location data and services.

The EULF concept consists of a package of case studies, specifications, guidelines, training materials, recommendations and actions required by public administrations and stakeholder communities to facilitate the implementation, use and expansion of INSPIRE in an e-government context.

What are the objectives?

  • Assess the current state of play in Member States and European policy regarding the use of location information and its integration in e-government services.
  • Work with Member States and relevant Commission departments to develop a vision for the EULF.
  • Prepare an EULF blueprint of methodologies, guidelines and best practices in five focus areas: policy and strategy alignment, e-government integration, standardisation and interoperability, cost-benefit focus and committed partnerships.
  • Test the concept of the EULF with pilots in the transport and marine sectors and also in a third policy area that will be identified in collaboration with the ISA Working Group on Spatial Information and Services.
  • Evaluate the requirements and approach for sustainability of the EULF.

What are the benefits?

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