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APIs for High-Value Datasets to create High Value Ecosystems for Citizens and Businesses

Friday, April 21, 2023 - 10:00 to 13:00

With the recent adoption of the Implementing Act on High-value datasets under the Open Data Directive, European public authorities with data in scope are required to make available High-Value datasets together with metadata in a machine-readable form through APIs. This implies that, in the short run, public administration will need to work on further aligning their technical stack.

Next 21st of April from 10-13 CET, the Digital Economy Unit of European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, in collaboration with the APIdays conference organisers, will reflect on the opportunities and challenges associated with APIs for implementing the Open Data Directive in the public sector and how to best collaborate with the private sector.

The workshop aims at identifying opportunities lying behind investing in this implementation such as:

  • exploring what returns on investments can be achieved through modernising the technical stack
  • easing innovators' integration, and
  • ultimately allowing the exploitation of value residing in these data assets by business ecosystems and the digital society at large.

Public and private practitioners will discuss coordination models, infrastructures, and approaches to comply with the current data-sharing legal framework. Experts and participants will exchange their views about enablers and barriers to coordinating public and private digital interfaces, specifically through APIs.