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Data Harmonisation in the HUMBOLDT Scenarios and the HUMBOLDT Training Framework

Roderic Molina, Giorgio Saio and Anders Östman

(Submission #159)


The HUMBOLDT project ( aims to facilitate harmonisation of spatial data and support the implementation of the European Directive INSPIRE. The goal of this workshop is to present the HUMBOLDT potentiality in different application contexts (“Scenarios”), as a training session offered to the the user communities of the HUMBOLDT data harmonisation tools, as well as for the communities of GMES and INSPIRE. The workshop will present as well the HUMBOLDT Training Framework, addressed to the practical use of the projects' outcomes, paying special attention to training dealing with Data Harmonisation experiences in different domains and in real world conditions. The session is organized into oral presentations delivered by representatives from the HUMBOLDT Consortium and discussions.


Submission Type:  Workshop proposal
Submission Track:  Trans-national SDI projects (including EU (co-)funded projects)


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