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Integrating spatial data integration: An Architecture for Complex Transformation Services

Thorsten Reitz, Daniel Fitzner, Marian de Vries and Ana Belen Antón Gironés

(Submission #175)


This paper describes an architecture that can be used to provide various transformation capabilities for data harmonisation using established OGC standards. This data and service integration architecture consists of three tiers, developed to be loosely coupled and to hide complexity from their respective clients. The first tier, a set of rich user interface tools, supports formalizing knowledge that is required for conceptual integration of data. The second tier consists of service components that facilitate the integration of transformation services, download services and other service types. The final service tier provides specific transformation capabilities, such as Edge Matching, Coordinate Transformation and Conceptual Schema Translation. Finally, the paper also outlines how this architecture is validated in nine demonstrator scenarios within the FP6 HUMBOLDT Integrated Project.


Submission Type:  Oral Presentation and paper for IJSDIR
Submission Track:  New and Evolving tools and technologies


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