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Plan4all – State of the Art in Spatial Planning Data Harmonisation and Transnational SDI-Building

Manfred Schrenk, Petr Horak, Julia Neuschmid, Mauro Salvemini, Didier Vancutsem and Wolfgang Wasserburger

(Submission #207)


Holistic planning that overcomes fixed borders becomes more and more important in today’s spatial planning processes. Nevertheless, this idea is hard to achieve as spatial planning systems, the legal situation and spatial planning data management are completely different and fragmented throughout Europe. For this reason the project Plan4all focuses on the interoperability and harmonisation of spatial planning data. The aim is to define common procedures, methods and standards for spatial planning data harmonisation, to support holistic planning, to build a European network of public and private actors from different levels and to establish a Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI). Plan4all focuses on implementing the INSPIRE Directive, the European initiative for a common spatial data infrastructure, into the planning process. The whole spatial planning sector should profit from the availability of understandable and more transparent planning information throughout Europe. The project involves a detailed description of the state of the art in spatial data harmonisation and SDI building which provides important information for further proposal, testing and implementation of common procedures and standards. Plan4all is a European project between May 2009 and October 2011 and co-financed by the eContentplus programme of the European Commission.


Submission Type:  Oral Presentation
Submission Track:  Trans-national SDI projects (including EU (co-)funded projects)


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