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Searching Drought-related Resources Through a Specialized Vocabulary – Testing the Interoperable Infrastructure of the EuroGEOSS Project

Miguel Ángel Latre, Javier Nogueras-Iso and Barbara Hofer

(Submission #175)

Short Summary (will be published on INSPIRE Conference website)

The EuroGEOSS project is a large scale integrated project that demonstrates the added value of making existing systems and applications in three strategic areas interoperable within the GEOSS and INSPIRE frameworks. This work is focused on the discovery of drought-related resources in the strategic area of drought.

For the purpose of facilitating the annotation and discovery of drought related resources, the project partners involved in this area created an initial operating infrastructure with the following components:

- Customization of the CatMDEdit metadata edition tool for the annotation of services and datasets according to INSPIRE metadata implementing rules and ISO 19115, including the automatic annotation of OGC services, and the two common vocabularies agreed for multidisciplinary interoperability in the project: GEMET and GEOSS Societal Benefit Areas.

- Deployment of a metadata catalogue compliant with the OGC specification and its ISO 19115/19119 profile.

- Development of a web application for searching and updating the contents of the drought metadata catalogue online, based on the GEOSS requirements for the clearinghouse and including, for web services, a quick connection with the EDO Map Server, the specialized component of the European Drought Observatory for viewing and analyzing drought data.

This common infrastructure and contents has enabled the setting of a real scenario for testing the interoperability between drought observatories, enabling the integration of local and national systems within the prototype of EDO.

However, the classification and annotation of resources should be improved due to the fact that the initial common vocabularies (GEMET and SBA) were not specific enough for the requirements of drought experts. A specific drought vocabulary was developed for better serving their annotation and discovery needs. After a collaborative process, the EuroGEOSS Drought Vocabulary has been created and published (, containing 103 concepts and providing preferred and alternative labels in seven languages.


Submission Type:  Oral Presentation proposal
Submission Category:  INSPIRE and the global context: Global Monitoring for Environment and Security, Global Earth Observation System of Systems, SEIS,


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