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IMGeo, the Dutch Standard for the Exchange of Large Scale Geography

Martin Peersmann and Hans van Eekelen

(Submission #99)

Short Summary (will be published on INSPIRE Conference website)

The Information Model Geography, IMGeo, is the platform for object exchange of large scale geography and it is the first step towards a scale-independent object model. The term ‘geographical’ is used because the model defines topographical objects, as well as geographical objects such as municipalities, dwellings, industry, traffic, noise and foul areas and also planned areas. This first version of IMGeo is the starting point for the object dataset Key Registration Large-scale Topography (in Dutch: Basisregistratie Grootschalige Topografie, abbreviation: BGT). The obligatory status of the BGT concerning large scale topography will eventually result in a nationwide coverage with a uniform dataset of the Netherlands and will be an important part of the Dutch geo information infrastructure. The BGT is a component of the Key Registration and it is the core of the IMGeo model. Because of this relationship, it is essential to synchronize these models and to develop the next version of IMGeo, version 2.0. IMGeo 2.0 contains not only the legal part of the BGT but also extra data. The extension of IMGeo with extra data will result in standardization and this on its turn will broaden the user group.


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