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This year the conference took place in the Edinburgh International Conference Centre; a state-of-the-art venue in the heart of one of the world’s most historic and enchanting cities.

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INSPIRE Conference 2010

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Draft Poster Session

June 28, 2011 18:00 Cromdale Hall
GMES ERS: An INSPIRE-ready Platform in Support to Emergency Response Mapping
Daniele Pellegrino, Torbjorn Stahl, Stefania Mazzeo, Fabrizio Pacini and Marco Corsi
Stefania Mazzeo
Union Level INSPIRE Geoportal towards operational Status: "European INSPIRE GeoEntrance" Project Presentation
Jens Stutte, Martin Seiler and Freddy Fierens
Jens Stutte
EUROGI/eSDI-Net sub-national SDIs Best Practices Awards 2011
Bruce McCormack, Joachim Rix, Francois Salge', Mauro Salvemini and Franco Vico
Franco Vico
INSPIRE’d Air Quality Directive e-Reporting - EEA Testing and Implementation Phase
Valentin Foltescu, Sheila Cryan, Tony Bush, Paul Ruyssenaars, Wim Mol, Frank de Leeuw, Aasmund Vik, Christian Ansorge, Katharina Schleidt and Jaume Targa
Tony Bush
Technical aspects to implement INSPIRE in Italy
Carlo Cipolloni, Loredana Battaglini, Nico Bonora, Valentina Campo, Maria Pia Congi and Michele Munafò
Carlo Cipolloni
The Italian Geological Geoportal: an example of INSPIRE thematic framework
Carlo Cipolloni, Valentina Campo, Maria Pia Congi, Daniela Delogu, Mauro Roma, Renato Ventura and Claudio Zonetti
Carlo Cipolloni
GIIDA and SINAnet Partnership: the Italian System of Systems to connect research and environmental monitoring activities
Nico Bonora, Paolo Mazzetti, Michele Munafò and Stefano Nativi
Nico Bonora
Driving Government Efficiency with Improved Location-based Data
Matthew Beare, Bob Chell, Alan Howie, Luc Van Linden and Chris Wright
Matthew Beare
Historical Orthoimagery Data - 60 Years Ahead of INSPIRE
Jiri Kvapil
Jiri Kvapil
FAROS - Integral Networking of Fishing Sector Actors to Organize a Responsible, Optimal and Sustainable Exploitation of Marine Resources
Francisco Landeira, Emilio Otero, Mariano Sanchez, Luis Taboada, Antonio Alvarez and Tatiana Ordoñez
Francisco Landeira
Air Quality Data Management as INSPIRE data provider and user
Andrew Monteith, Ollie Cronk, Rachel Yardley, Paul Willis and Xingyu Xiao
Xingyu Xiao
Trans-national SDI projects of the National Institute of Geophysics, Geodesy and Geography at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Rumiana Vatseva and Boian Koulov
Rumiana Vatseva
Considerations and issues to be addressed for the creation of National Spatial Data Infrastructures
Pietro Blu Giandonato, Massimo Zotti and Vincenzo Barbieri
Massimo Zotti
Environment protection through the Land Registry: in special, the historical heritage´s protection
María Aránzazu Calzadilla Medina
Integration INSPIRE application schema into the State Real Estate Management System
Elzbieta Bielecka and Dorota Latos
Elzbieta Bielecka
Data Integration Drives Real Results: Utilising INSPIRE-led Initiatives for Bridging the Gap between CAD & GIS.
John Allen and Anthony Neal
John Allen
Research partnership for protected sites management
Agata Lo Tauro
Agata Lo Tauro
Redefining the NSDI, towards the Digital Agenda for Europe 2020
Eva Pauknerova, Eva Kubatova and Tomas Cajhaml
Eva Pauknerova
The Virtual City project: 3D reconstruction, storage, and online exploitation of large and highly detailed urban areas
Jesse Himmelstein, Olivier Balet, Luc Van Gool, Pascal Mueller, Enrico Gobbetti and Roberto Scopigno
Leonidas Stergiou
Standardization of Geographical Names and INSPIRE
Željko Hecimovic
Željko Hecimovic
INSPIREd by 2020. From “local” to “global” through “focal” and “zonal” Creating new paths for spatial planning and “development”
Panayiotis Samartzis
Ioannis Charalampopoulos
Harmonising Geospatial Data At The Local Level For Global Benefit: HUMBOLDT Urban Atlas - A Case Study
Zaheer Khan, Christine Giger, Jan Schulze Althoff and David Ludlow
Zaheer Khan
Towards a Strategy for Harmonizing the Soil Information in Spain: Some perspectives considering INSPIRE
Ainara Senar, Esperanza Amezqueta, Maria Cabello and Jaume Porta
María Cabello
NSDI Capacity Building in Croatia
Vlado Cetl and Vesna Posloncec-Petric
Vlado Cetl
Regional data harmonization and geological modelling in the EU-project "Geopotentials of the deep Upper Rhine Graben (GeORG)"
Günter Sokol and Heiko Zumsprekel
Heiko Zumsprekel
System Dynamics Techniques For SDI Modeling And Simulation
Ehsan Abdolmajidi and Ali Mansourian
Ehsan Abdolmajidi
ENVIROFI: Future Internet for Future INSPIRE
Katharina Schleidt, Barbara Fogarty, Mike Kobernus, Denis Havlik and Sven Schade
Katharina Schleidt
Rapid GeoPortal development in a NSDI Environment
M.E Yildirim, Çetin Cömert and H. Akinci
Çetin Cömert
Agricultural lands losses due to constructed surfaces expansion in the Bucharest–Ilfov Development Region
Maria Patroescu, Ioan-Cristian Ioja, Mihai Razvan Nita and Gabriel-Ovidiu Vanau
Ioan-Cristian Ioja
A Vision for Scotland’s Environment Website (SEWeb)
Alan McKirdy and Scot Mathieson
Alan McKirdy
Managing the Expert Input via web services to INSPIRE Theme: “Geology”, an Example from the German Community
Kristine Eva Charlotte Asch, Chris Schubert and Sebastian Schmitz
Kristine Asch
Data Quality Control Process for Better Environment Spatial Data
Ales Versic
Ales Versic
Challenges that could be faced when the Concept of Sharing Geo-Information is introduced in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Dimo Todorovski and Joep Crompvoets
Dimo Todorovski
Development of Land Monitoring System on the base of Land Cover Data in Turkey
Doç. Dr. Ebubekir YÜKSEL, Ahmet CIVI, Etem AKGUNDUZ, Gencay SERTER and Kamile KALAYCI
Gencay Serter
Discovery of Downstream Services in the INSPIRE Context
Paola Carrara, Laura Díaz and Monica Pepe
Paola Carrara
SEIS – younger, but more ambitious brother of INSPIRE.
Jarmila Cikánková
Jarmila Cikankova
Meeting the INSPIRE Requirements for Addressing Through the One Scotland Gazetteer
Iain McKay
Iain McKay
Samborsky Alexander, Magdiev Khasan and Popiv Igor
Samborsky Alexander
Multi-view SDI assessment of Kosovo (2007-2010) - Developing a solid base to support SDI strategy development
Bujar Nushi, Bastiaan Van Loenen, Jaap Besemer and Joep Crompvoets
Bujar Nushi