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This year the conference took place in the Edinburgh International Conference Centre; a state-of-the-art venue in the heart of one of the world’s most historic and enchanting cities.

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INSPIRE Conference 2010

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Side Events
INSPIRE & NSDI State of Play Workshop (by invitation only)
Ochil, Monday 27th, Tuesday 28th June 2011,

The workshop will bring together experts from K.U.Leuven, international SDI experts, representatives from the 34 countries and from the European Commission to discuss the status of INSPIRE & NSDI implementation. The result of the survey on the usage of the INSPIRE and NSDI infrastructure held in Spring 2011 will be discussed. Also the Monitoring and Reporting results will get attention with focus on how different countries established their list of data sets and services, which in turn is linked to their strategy for reaching interoperability. Finally the conclusions and proposed recommendations based on good practices will be presented and discussed. The workshop will leave room for interaction through breakout sessions in order learn from each other and to stimulate the discussion, and to formulate new ideas. The results from the workshop will be integrated in the final report which will be published in October 2011. For more information regarding this workshop, please contact

IOC Meeting (by invitation only)
Harris, Tuesday 28th June 2011,

The Initial Operating Capability Task Force (IOC TF) has been set up to help and support the implementation of INSPIRE in the Member States. The Task Force is composed of two representatives per Member State, appointed by the INSPIRE National Contact Points and they represent the organisations responsible for the Architecture design and the service implementation of the National spatial data infrastructures. The scope of the IOC TF includes architectural aspects and implementation of Network Services to ensure interoperability with the INSPIRE geoportal and among Member States. The IOC TF has so far produced two documents namely the Technical Guidance documents for discovery and view services version 3.0.

The main points for this meeting are the Initial Operating Capability of Discovery and View Services, the technical guidance documents for the download and tranformation services as well as architectural issues such as Authorisation-Authentication-Accounting and Registers and Quality of Services.

Spatial Data Services and Invoke Network Service (by invitation only)
Orchil, 14:00 to 17:00 Tuesday 28th June 2011

The Spatial Data Services Working Group (SDS WG), with experts nominated by the INSPIRE National Contact Points, supports the European Commission for the definition and refinement of the technical and organizational elements required for the development of the draft Implementing Rules for the spatial data services through the provision of recommendations.

In collaboration with the Network Services Drafting Team (NS DT) two documents have been developed and refined in an extensive feedback seeking exercise. It resulted in updates of the documents Spatial Data Services Working Group Recommendations (vs. 2) and Network Service Position Paper Position Paper on the Implementing Rules for INSPIRE Services allowing Spatial Data Services to be invoked (vs 1.1) submitted for feedback to the INSPIRE National Contact Points (NCPs).

This workshop will bring together the NCPs or their representatives and the SDS WG in collaboration with the NS DT to give the NCPs the opportunity to discuss the INSPIRE NCP feedback on the documents, the status and the next steps.

Making the connection Linked Data & INSPIRE
Harris, 14:00 Thursday 30th June 2011

This workshop will provide an opportunity to understand the connections between INSPIRE and Linked Data, the progress that is being made on implementing both Linkable and Linked Data approach to fulfilling the requirements of INSPIRE in a way that brings many additional benefits.

Linked Data as with INSPIRE is moving out of the conceptual, into reality and main stream thinking. As they do many lessons can be learned and knowledge shared.

The format of the workshop is designed to be interactive using policy and implementation experts from number of Member States, to help provide focus on your questions.