Call for papers, posters

The call for papers reflects the three pillars: Governance, Content and Technologies.

Topics for which contributions are sought include, but are not limited to,


  • INSPIRE Implementation: Legislative measures, coordination and organisational models, data policy
  • Inspire and SEIS linked to other international/global  initiatives
  • Licensing frameworks
  • Social, economic and environmental impact
  • Regional and Local SDIs
  • Importance of SDI for spatial planning
  • Trans-national SDI projects (including EU (co-)funded projects)
  • Regional cooperation: building SDIs to produce  and share Environmental Information
  • Building dialogue between environment and human settlements via SDI
  • Public private partnerships creating SDIs
  • Capacity building
  • Innovative data sharing approaches



  • Environmental Thematic communities and applications (The Marine Environment, Biodiversity, agriculture and environment, human health and environment, water, energy resources, cross thematic applications, waste management,...)
  • New policies, new requirements
  • The role of SDI to integrate Environmental Impact Assessment tools into spatial planning
  • Exchange of spatial data to support sustainable environment
  • Capacity building for sharing environmental data 
  • Challenges in creating spatial environmental (reference) data sets
  • Citizen participation and crowd sourcing for spatial environmental data
  • Indicator based environmental information systems – and their spatial components



  • GeoPortals and registries
  • Education and awareness raising, capacity building – Building SDIs
  • New policies, new requirements, new stakeholders
  • Environmental Modeling (sensor web….)
  • Regional cooperation on building common SDIs
  • Regional cooperation on innovation and research
  • INSPIRE  as a transnational tool for sharing environmental information
  • Citizen science approaches to environmental information exchange
  • Linked data approaches to bridge spatial and non-spatial data and information


In particular, as 2012 is the European Year for Water, we are interested in receiving submissions relating to Water (Water Framework Directive, Plan Bleu, EEA Water Watch, Blue Carbon…)

We are interested in accounts of what works, and what does not work, what are perceived benefits for policy, public administration, citizens and the private sector. The programme committee will evaluate the proposals and those accepted will be included in programme and published in the on-line conference proceedings.

Submit your proposal.

The INSPIRE conference 2012 is organised by INSPIRE   |   Recommended links: INSPIRE GeoPortal & INSPIRE Forum