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Surface waters as the objects of databases created according to the INSPIRE Directive

Agnieszka Bieda, Jarosław Bydłosz and Piotr Parzych

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The act on spatial information infrastructure in Poland came into power in June

2010. This act is the transposition of INSPIRE Directive into the polish law. It has altered several polish legal regulations. One of them is the surveying and cartographic law. Both, new regulation and those already in force deeply influence the way of collecting and processing spatial information. The newly prepared regulations concern topographical databases with the level of detail enabling elaboration of typical cartographic presentations with scales from 1:500 to 1:5000. Localisation of spatial objects and its characteristic should be included in such databases. Surface waters, flowing waters and sea waters are going to be the databases elements. Its geometry is going to be linked with cadastral database objects, which also results in automatic liaison with the objects of “The state register of boundaries and areas of territorial division of Poland”. The databases created on the basis of surveying and cartographic law should be continually verified. As water is one of the most unpredictable elements of environment, it can cause a lot of problems with keeping these databases updated. Moreover, describing the changes in the neighbourhood of objects like surface waters may be very difficult. All modifications in the areas covered with water may imply changes in cadastral parcels boundaries and result in administrative division of Poland modification. The authors are trying to describe the cadastral, topographical and territorial division databases changeability under influence of natural environment.


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