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Territorial Management and Integrated Geographic Information Basis for a strategy and policy making for next generation SDI

Rui Pedro Juliao

(Submission #120)


Territory has always been important for Man. It is the Society spatial support, giving it part of its identity, providing resources and opportunities. The promotion of society’s sustainable development can only be achieved by Integrated Territorial Management. But, how is it possible to implement a good Integrated Territorial Management without first having a thorough knowledge of it through Integrated Territorial Information? Instead of the field of public policy for planning and land management, not always revealing a spirit of integration in the field of information territorial basis, there is a heartbreaking situation of absence of consolidated public policy for both spatial data and their instruments. In this paper a look will be taken upon the political and public interventions regarding Geographic Information in Portugal in order to foresee the possible role of different actors and outline the major guidelines for the development of an integrated geographic information policy to be pursued as a model for the development of next generation SDI.


Public and Private Sector partnerships
Open data
National and regional initiatives
Lessons learnt and best practice


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