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Destination, an integrated solution to monitor hazardous materials transport assuring human and environmental protection

Milena Orso Giacone, Mariuccia Actis Dato, Marco Boz, Stefano Giorgi, Antonello Navarretta and Simone Giannecchini

(Submission #148)


DESTINATION (DangErous tranSport To New prevenTive Instruments) is a project developed in the framework of Italy/Switzerland Operational Programme for Trans-frontier Cooperation 2007-2013, in order to contribute to inter-regional road accident prevention, real-time monitoring of Dangerous Goods Transportation (DGT) and more efficient emergency management. Partnership includes Regione Piemonte as project leader, Canton Ticino, Regione Lombardia, Regione Autonoma della Valle d’Aosta and Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano. DESTINATION initiative is focused on implementation of a shared information system including environmental, territorial and technical data relevant to meet local authorities and private stakeholders needs: • supporting decision making processes and guidelines definition related to DGT (preventive safety); • assisting DGT companies through real-time monitoring (active safety); • mitigating human and environmental impacts in case of accident with specific functionalities aimed to emergency assessment and management (passive safety).

Core of the solution is the preventive safety component, based on a highly detailed risk analysis model for land DGT Destination methodology proposes a standard and flexible solution, adaptable to different use cases (traffic planning, land planning, environmental assessment…) so to be also applicable in the passive safety field (damage assessment and emergency management). Different types of elaboration (standard, custom, simulations) are supported, as well as calculating specific formula-branches and assessing cumulate impact of multiple accidental scenarios. Elaboration results are shown both in synthetic form (thematising streets on the basis of numeric values associated to each road-stretch), and in analytic form, individuating human and environmental vulnerabilities impacted by a specific accidental scenario. As regards active safety, the great challenge of DESTINATION initiative is raising awareness of DGT in territories involved in the project. So the central system is going to be integrated with both fixed monitoring gates, located in most critical areas, and on-board units placed on vehicles of DGT companies involved in the project.


Public and Private Sector partnerships
Environmental impact assessment
National and regional initiatives
Integrated spatial assessments


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