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OpenData and INSPIRE with GeoServer, GeoNetwork and MapStore: lessons learned from real-world use cases

Andrea Aime, Simone Giannecchini, Silvana Griffa, Giovanni Menduni and Gianluca Vannuccini

(Submission #196)


In the last couple of years the OpenData movement has been gaining momentum thanks to the high demand for transparency and participation arising from citizens asking for open access to data produced or acquired by Public Administrations around the world. This growth has dramatically impacted the work of those responsible for setting up and administering Spatial Data Infrastructures in Public Administrations, since they are suddenly expected to deliver data in ways and to levels that are extremely different from what had been envisaged and implemented before. Alongside with the OpenData wave, which was coming from the end users themselves evolving outside the usual standardization processes as a bottom-up process, the INSPIRE directive has come into force with a set of Implementing Rules and Technical Guidelines resulting from a standardization process following the usual (which is not, per se, a synonym of successful) top-down approach. This paper focuses on reporting the first-hand experience of implementing and managing SDIs adhering to the INSPIRE technical guidelines to support the demand for OpenData employing well-known Open Source components like GeoServer, GeoNetwork and MapStore. Eventually, we will provide our perspective on benefits as well as shortcomings of the INSPIRE initiative with respect to creating SDI infrastructures suitable for OpenData dissemination.


Technologies required to deliver INSPIRE
Costs and Benefits of implementing INSPIRE
Capacity Building
Open data
Lessons learnt and best practice


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