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European Location Initiatives - Putting Location in a Better Place

Antti Jakobsson, Francesco Pignatelli and Robin Smith

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INSPIRE provides the foundation to deliver more interoperable location and environmental information in Europe. The three initiatives in this workshop all aim to build on INSPIRE, supporting the development of new applications and services in all policy areas and across borders.

The European Location Framework project will deliver harmonised core geospatial reference data across Europe, facilitating developments in the public and private sectors and delivering efficiencies for cross-border applications. The project involves a consortium of 30 partners, including mapping agencies, private sector organsiations, user groups and regional bodies.

The European Union Location Framework (EULF) and The Reusable INSPIRE Reference Platform (ARE3NA) projects are part of the Commission-driven Interoperability Solutions for Europe (ISA) Programme, which supports interoperability solutions, sharing and reuse among European Public administrations. These projects address the broader actions needed to ensure effective integration of location and INSPIRE, into e-Government and other thematic policy areas.

This workshop will discuss the legal, policy and technical requirements needed to improve the way INSPIRE and e-government initiatives in Member States combine to deliver better services and support growth where location matters. It will address the role of each of the three initiatives in helping achieve this outcome and some of the recent outputs of the projects.

A "Learning Café" style of session will be organised to gather audience opinions on various topics relevant to these projects,including the relationships between the projects, the use of open source software for INSPIRE, the approach to capacity building and partnerships, and the role of the EULF in location-enabling e-Government.


EU Enlargement and Integration
Technologies required to deliver INSPIRE
Cross thematic networking
Multi-disciplinary e-infrastructures
eGov/eEnvironment services, including apps built on environmental data
Data Specifications: The making of
Capacity Building
Costs and Benefits of implementing INSPIRE
Public and Private Sector partnerships
Cloud computing
Open data
Linked data and semantic web
National and regional initiatives
Integrated spatial assessments
Lessons learnt and best practice
EU Location Framework


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