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Plan4Business - A Service Platform for Aggregation, Processing and Analysis of Urban and Regional Planning Data

Eva Klien, Joachim Rix, Tomas Mildorf, Karel Charvat, Didier Vancutsem, Przemysław Turos and Tor Gunnar Øverli

(Submission #94)


The role of spatial planning data in our modern society is increasingly important. Spatial planning data help us to shape the environment we live in, to manage the resources we possess and to preserve our cultural heritage. In this workshop we want to discuss the economic potential and the organisational and technical challenges related to the exploitation of spatial planning data through a pan European platform for the aggregation, processing and analysis of urban and regional planning data. In the EU FP7 project plan4business, we develop a platform for spatial planning data integration based on top of the INSPIRE data specification for Land Use. The platform will serve not only as a catalogue of planning data but also as their integrator enabling the users to search, view, analyse and download data on European and regional levels. The workshop will include a demonstration on the technical solutions of the plan4business platform for data integration and complex analyses of spatial plans and urban plans in combination with data such as transportation networks, cadastral information and protected areas. Further, we want to discuss with the participants the challenges related to the business model of such a platform:

* What is the motivation for data providers to share their spatial planning data?

* What are the pragmatic and easy to implement license models for pan European data access?

* What are the acceptable pricing models for business services that exploit the integration of spatial planning data?

* Who has an interest to make business on top of spatial planning data?


Technologies required to deliver INSPIRE
Land management and monitoring: Forestry, Protected sites, Green Belts,
Public and Private Sector partnerships
Costs and Benefits of implementing INSPIRE
Capacity Building


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