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INSPIRE and reusable tools for smartphone apps: innovative activities in the European geological sector

Patrick Bell, Wayne A. Shelley, Robin S. Smith and Robert Tomas

(Submission #123)


This presentation will provide the main findings from a survey of EuroGeoSurveys members (national geological survey organisations) that explores their efforts to offer access to geology data via smartphone and tablet devices. The survey focussed on two aspects of interest to the INSPIRE conference. Firstly, the survey gathers details from organisations actively developing apps. It asks how much of the development work is undertaken in-house and what partnerships are being formed to create these apps. The survey aims to understand to what extent the app development work undertaken can be reused and shared with other organisations , including the operating systems, methodologies, development frameworks, architectures and specific tools being used to make this data available to a range of audiences. An attempt is made to evaluate the success of such apps and how success can be measured. It also tries to understanding where barriers to app development for geospatial data within the geology sector may exist. Secondly, the survey explores the type of data being shared, including its openness and reusability. It aims to understand INSPIRE’s influence and role in supporting the provision of this data, considering the role of web services in mobile data provision and the way INSPIRE is supporting such efforts in member organisations. This includes not only the delivery of data to ‘traditional’ organisations involved in data exchange but also where data are being provided in less conventional ways to other/new users, including citizens and those aiming to reuse the data being provided in other apps not only related to geology. It is hoped that findings from this work will not only be of benefit to the geology community but also provides lessons for others interested in sharing geospatial data through apps.

Context of the submission This study on apps in the geology sector is being conducted by the British Geological Survey on behalf of ISA Action 1.17: A Reusable INSPIRE Reference Platform (ARE3NA). The aim of the study is to better understand how a particular sector is approaching geospatial data-sharing through mobile technologies and what the reusability is of relevant tools (etc.); to try to understand who the perceived and actual users are of some data within the scope of INSPIRE; and to understand how relevant organisations see INSPIRE contributing to providing access to such data.


Proposal Type:  Oral Presentation
Presentation Type:  Technical/Research


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