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BDD, ISO 19105 and INSPIRE Network Services Conformance

Francisco J Lopez-Pellicer, Javier Lacasta, Jesús Barrera, José M Agudo, Paloma Abad Power, Alejandra Sánchez Maganto and Emilio López Romero

(Submission #124)


The evaluation whether a Network Service is fully conformant to INSPIRE is a complex process. This task requires the use of specialized software testing tools that identify non-conformances observed during the evaluation and report how the verification has been performed. The use of these tools demands highly specialized technical skills. This fact makes very difficult for non-technical stakeholders (end users, managers, domain experts, etc.) to participate effectively in the conformance testing process. Such situation hinders understanding of the causes and the consequences of non-conformant results to stakeholders. As a result, it is possible that some stakeholders lose interest in the conformance testing process.

This work presents the advances in the application of a behaviour-driven development (BDD) [1] approach to the compliance testing of OGC Web services in the context of the INSPIRE directive. BDD is a model-based testing (MBT) tool [2]. MBT is a kind of black-box testing where test cases are generated from a specification, such as the Technical Guidances for the implementation of INSPIRE Network Services, and then executed. BDD emphasizes the participation of non-technical parties in the design of acceptance tests by means of automatable acceptance test suites phrased declaratively in a human readable format. Using this idea as base, this work describes a novel BDD based workflow to derive Abstract Tests Suites (ATS) and Executable Test Suites (ETS) from INSPIRE Implementing Rules written in a language shared by non-technical stakeholders, technical stakeholders and conformance testing developers alike. This work also analyses if this approach based on BDD is compatible with the ISO 19105 standard testing methodology. In addition, we provide insights on the application of BDD tooling for the conformance testing process in the INSPIRE context. As demonstration, we present an online compliance tool for INSPIRE View and Discovery services that executes BDD test suites and implements the latest advances.

Acknowledgements: This work has been partially supported by the Spanish Government (project TIN2012-37826-C02-01), the National Centre for Geographic Information (CNIG) of Spain and GeoSpatiumLab S.L. The work of José M. Agudo has been partially supported by the Government of Aragon (grant INNOVA-A1-038-13).

[1] North D (2007) Introducing Behaviour Driven Development. In: Dan North & Associates. [2] Utting M, Legeard B (2010) Practical Model-Based Testing. Morgan Kaufmann, San Francisco


Proposal Type:  Oral Presentation
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Technologies, methods and tools required to deliver INSPIRE

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