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Building bridges from INSPIRE to e-Government: a common RDF vocabulary for INSPIRE and Governing Persistent Identifiers for location

Danny Vandenbroucke, Alice Vasilescu, Robin S. Smith, Michael Lutz, Andrea Perego and Anders Friis-Christensen

(Submission #129)


This short presentation will provide the main findings from a study examining how a common methodology can be developed to produce Resource Description Framework (RDF) vocabularies for INSPIRE data and the challenges and possible approaches in governing global Persistent Identifiers (PIDs) for location, with INSPIRE as a key concern. Funded by the EU Programme “Interoperability Solutions for European Public Administrations” (ISA), this study is a major contribution from ISA Action “A Reusable INSPIRE Reference Platform” (ARE3NA), which has been looking into a range of topics supporting INSPIRE implementation while considering wider interoperability issues having cross-sector relevance. The work focusses on three aspects of interest to the conference audience. Firstly, this work aims to contribute to discussions about how the investments in INSPIRE can generate more benefits by making cross-border and cross-sector geospatial data available for reuse in other sectors following the approaches of Linked Data. It addresses the particular needs of a common way to represent INSPIRE data (models) in RDF, ensuring that there are not divergent approaches that may impact on the data and service interoperability achieved in INSPIRE. This work has involved a review of approaches to RDF and PIDs for INSPIRE/location and discussions with INSPIRE and ISA/e-government communities. The presentation allows the findings from this work to be shared with the INSPIRE community and help define the next steps in evolving and adopting the approaches uncovered. Secondly, it will allow details of the common methodology for RDF to be discussed and presented for wider review, so that its potential place in INSPIRE/e-government can be properly understood and challenges to possible adoption indicated by the INSPIRE audience. It will also be an opportunity for the proposed governance approach for PIDs to be presented with discussion focussing on possible barriers to adoption in practice, both from technical and organisational perspectives. Thirdly, INSPIRE community can identify potential areas to pilot the approaches for RDF and PIDs in e-government tasks, both in terms of supporting INSPIRE and thematic communities in sharing linked open geospatial data as well as the reuse of data and ‘semantic interoperability assets’ from INSPIRE in a range of public administration tasks.


Proposal Type:  Oral Presentation
Presentation Type:  Technical/Research


Technologies, methods and tools required to deliver INSPIRE
INSPIRE and the integration of environmental concern in other policy areas
INSPIRE + Open Data + Copernicus + Social and Sensor Networks = Big Data?
Integrating eGovernment with INSPIRE

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