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INSPIRE’d land use planning - Dynamic indicators to improve planning achievements

Maria Vale, Raquel Saraiva, Bruno Meneses, Rui Reis and Paulo Patrício

(Submission #132)


Cost and benefit related to data sharing is a main INSPIRE Directive concern. Evaluating fitness for purpose of official datasets, supported by public investment, is essential but not always monitored and evaluated in terms of an oriented strategic data production. Defining and implementing public policies to develop and promote strategic development requires the production and maintenance of appropriate and updated official geographic information datasets. This problem requires to be addressed to assure that public investment on the collection and production of geographic information by public authorities is effective. The present document illustrates some of the work done within ongoing applied research projects oriented to promote good governance and understand costs and benefits related to open data and main constraints related to data sharing. The LANDYN project addresses governance related to planning and efficiency, including climate change concerns. The eENVplus project includes a pilot build by DGT that integrates the implementation of web services related to environmental and territorial management indicators namely indicators which will help to understand the growth of urban areas, urban sprawl and evaluate balanced economic grow. Both presented examples focus urban growth evaluation among a territory, and explores adequacy of available geographic information produced by public entities, in this case DGT and the Statistics of Portugal (INE) to assess urban growth and its impact in different contexts. The spatial data used in both projects, correspond to several INSPIRE data themes, and are organized by administrative units for the study areas. It covers land use, land cover, orthoimagery and statistical units, environmental and socioeconomic data, are harmonized according to the INSPIRE implementing rules. All these projects are relevant to implement public authorities attributions. In this projects the governance attributions explored are namely those related to data production and data quality, city management and land use efficient planning The developed work gives a relevant contribution for the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive, using Portugal as case study, and contributes to a deeper reflection among EU countries in the years to come regarding good governance and cost effective data sharing policy.


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INSPIRE for energy efficiency
INSPIRE supporting urban and rural sustainability (Smart cities, Smart rural)
INSPIRE Data and Service Sharing
INSPIRE in specific environmental policy areas (e.g. marine, arctic, freshwater, noise, air …)
INSPIRE as a component of SEIS and e-Reporting
INSPIRE for innovation and growth in the private sector and economy
INSPIRE + Open Data + Copernicus + Social and Sensor Networks = Big Data?

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