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Using the OGC SOS as INSPIRE Download Service for Observation Data

Simon Jirka Jirka, Alexander Kotsev, Michael Lutz, Matthes Rieke, Robin Smith and Paul Smits

(Submission #157)


In domains such as such as oceanography, hydrology, health, environment (emission data), meteorology and biodiversity, researchers and decision makers require a good information base for their work. Observation data is an essential for gaining insights into the past and current status of the world. Consequently, there are several topics defined in Annex II and III of the INSPIRE Directive for which observation data needs to be made accessible in the upcoming years. The “Guidelines for the use of Observations and Measurements and Sensor Web Enablement-related standards in INSPIRE Annex II and III data specification development” document provides an approach for how such data sets can be modelled and encoded in the context of INSPIRE. Although this document focuses on data modelling and encoding, the OGC Sensor Observation Service 2.0 (SOS) interface is already cited as a means to share observation data in efficient and interoperable ways. However, a detailed approach on how OGC SOS servers could be used as INSPIRE Download Services is yet to be described. For enabling the download of observation data, an approach is needed that takes into account the specific characteristics of this data type, including the dynamics of observation data, additional metadata (e.g. about the measurement processes through which an observation data set was obtained), and additional query parameters. Thus, in the past months, a proposal is being developed about how the Technical Guidance for the INSPIRE Download Service can be enhanced with the OGC SOS 2.0 standard, alongside a practical demonstrator to show how it could be implemented to provide observation data in a convenient and interoperable manner. The presentation of this work will provide the audience with a compact overview of how the Technical Guidance for INSPIRE Download Services can be updated to include SOS. Furthermore, data providers and consumers will get a first view of how such an INSPIRE SOS could be set-up and used. We propose that it would fit into one of the INSPIRE MIG-related sessions, as it is included in the work programme under funding from the ISA Programme’s Action 1.17: A Reusable INSPIRE Reference Platform (ARE3NA). In addition, it would also be of interest to organisations which have obligations to offer their observation data in an INSPIRE compliant way, as well as researchers and data users which would benefit from the interoperable access to observation data for a range of sectors.


Proposal Type:  Oral Presentation
Presentation Type:  Implementation/Best Practice


INSPIRE Data and Service Sharing
INSPIRE supporting the implementation of environment law
Technologies, methods and tools required to deliver INSPIRE
INSPIRE as a component of SEIS and e-Reporting
INSPIRE and the integration of environmental concern in other policy areas
The future of INSPIRE: Governance, policy and technology

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