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Join the ARE3NA: requirements fora reusability platform and crowdfunding INSPIRE development

Robin S. Smith, Michael Lutz and Andrea Perego

(Submission #172)


A Reusable INSPIRE Reference Platform (ARE3NA) has been addressing several ‘missing items’ that aid INSPIRE implementation with the broader scope of cross-border and cross-sector reusability and interoperability of the ISA Programme.

Several presentations will be made at the conference but, at a little more than the half-way stage of ARE3NA, there is a need to explore a sustainable approach to the identification and sharing of reusable components for the remainder of the project and in the future. This will involve key technologies for INSPIRE implementation and also other sectors wanting to build on INSPIRE or reuse its tools.

This workshop will help to define how to make the best use of current platforms and how approaches such as crowdfunding and other approaches could aid such developments. ARE3NA will also run a game during the conference so delegates can highlight interesting tools and ideas that they think ARE3NA should know about.


Proposal Type:  Workshop/Seminar
Presentation Type:  Implementation/Best Practice


INSPIRE for innovation and growth in the private sector and economy
INSPIRE tales from implementation
Technologies, methods and tools required to deliver INSPIRE
INSPIRE capacity building
INSPIRE based apps for Innovation – Short demonstrations
Integrating eGovernment with INSPIRE


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