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OS Implementation of INSPIRE Hydrography Services in a Multi-Provider Setting

Eero Hietanen and Lassi Lehto

(Submission #261)


INSPIRE Hydrography (HY) theme represents a service provision case in which content is typically sourced from multiple data providers. The theme consists of two separate sub-schemas: ‘Physical Waters’ containing feature types that represent real world objects connected to the hydrographical system and ‘Network’ that represents hydrography as a network of connected links, modelling the flow of water through the drainage basin. Data resources related to the physical environment are often maintained by the National Mapping and Cadastral Agencies (NMCAs), whereas the flow of water is typically more of interest to the environmental institutes.

In Finland the development of the HY services is particularly challenging, as the content related to the theme has to be integrated from three different organizations: the National Land Survey of Finland (NLS), The Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) and the Finnish Transport Agency. In a pilot project carried out by the Finnish Geodetic Institute (FGI), the data sets from NLS and SYKE were integrated into a common database and INSPIRE services were then developed on top of this service database.

Open Source tools were used in the development of the service database and the INSPIRE services. The database solution is based on PostgreSQL/PostGIS and the service is implemented with GeoServer. First the source data sets were uploaded to the database using file-based content transfer mechanisms and online access to content via a WFS interface. A few database level operations were carried out to better support INSPIRE requirements. The most challenging part in the service development was to configure the GeoServer’s Application Schema module to support the required on-the-fly schema transformations from the national data models to the INSPIRE HY schema. Performance of the resulting INSPIRE Download and View Services was found to be adequate.

The remaining challenges include the question on how the service database can be kept up-to-date as the source data sets are updated. The plan is to look in the further work into mechanisms defined in the OGC’s GeoSynchronization specification. Another challenge is the INSPIRE requirement on linking together the hydrography network and the corresponding physical water features. This is supposed to be done using unique identifiers (Hydro Id). This is particularly difficult in case, where the hydrography network and the physical features are maintained by different organizations. Preliminary results and first pilot implementations to overcome these challenges will be presented in the conference.


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