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Aligning INSPIRE Metadata with DCAT-AP: Results, Issues, and Challenges

Andrea Perego, Michael Lutz, Anders Friis-Christensen and Robin S. Smith

(Submission #276)


Our presentation will report the results of current work to align INSPIRE metadata with DCAT-AP (“DCAT application profile for data portals in Europe”), a metadata interchange format for European data portals.

Developed in the framework of the EU Programme “Interoperability Solutions for European Public Administrations” (ISA), DCAT-AP defines a minimum set of metadata elements to ensure cross-domain and cross-border interoperability between metadata schemas used in European data portals. If adopted, such a mapping will support the inclusion of INSPIRE metadata in the Pan-European Open Data Portal for wider discovery across sectors beyond the geospatial domain.

The work allows new technologies to be investigated for INSPIRE, where RDF and Linked Data are reference technologies for DCAT-AP. By exploring the relationship between DCAT-AP and INSPIRE metadata, possible gaps in existing Semantic Web vocabularies and ontologies can also be identified; in turn identifying where INSPIRE can focus particular standardisation efforts and possible enhancements through the use of global identifiers (such as URIs) to express the values for INSPIRE’s metadata elements that could offer better filtering and discovery of records. In particular, if (‘dereferenceable’) HTTP URIs are used, INSPIRE metadata could be linked to other information resources, allowing values to be reused from a wider development of key terms being explored outside INSPIRE, including in the ISA Programme.

Instead of free text, we propose an RDF representation of INSPIRE metadata and the use of URI registers of metadata code lists operated by the INSPIRE Registry. By doing this work we are able to explore how to bridge terminologies used in different data communities/domains/sectors and at local, regional, national and supra-national levels of public administration. This includes (multilingual) controlled vocabularies, thesauri, code lists, etc. used to annotate (meta)data that aid discovery and indexing; potentially more readily transformed metadata; and, through alignments between terminologies, automatically populated metadata through controlled vocabularies.

This work is carried out in the framework of ISA Action 1.17 (“A Reusable INSPIRE Reference Platform” - ARe3NA), in coordination with other ARe3NA activities, in particular, the work on the INSPIRE Registry, the study on methodologies for the design of RDF vocabularies for INSPIRE, and on persistent identifiers for INSPIRE and location information.


Proposal Type:  Oral Presentation
Presentation Type:  Technical/Research


Costs/Benefits and impacts of implementing INSPIRE
Technologies, methods and tools required to deliver INSPIRE
Integrating eGovernment with INSPIRE
The future of INSPIRE: Governance, policy and technology


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