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Jari Reini and Jani Kylmäaho

(Submission #286)


Nordic Open Source Initiative (NOSIN) is a group of experts from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden who co-operate in the development of NSDIs (National Spatial Data Infrastructure) using Open Source tools. The co-operation is arranged in several sub-groups and each country can choose the activities to participate in. Currently NOSIN has several on-going projects, such as INSPIRE Network Service validation, GeoNetwork metadata catalogue and authentication/authorization. Groups have monthly teleconferences to discuss progress and future development.

Participating countries provide experts to the co-operation in-kind and share any other costs of the development. The results are made public as Open Source, so anyone can use or develop the outcome further. The decision-making model is consensus driven: NOSIN experts can always suggest new areas of co-operation. If at least two countries have a common interest in a topic, a subgroup can be formed around the topic. Every year, a report of the previous year’s activities and the next year’s activity plan are presented to the board of directors of national land surveys, who supervise the NOSIN co-operation.

Aligning the countries’ needs and developing the required functionalities together saves both time and money. A very important outcome of this initiative, along with developed software, is knowledge exchange in various topics and best practices.


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