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The smeSpire and World Wind Challenge: projects and best practices for INSPIRE

Raffaele De Amicis

(Submission #306)


The aim of the first part of the workshop is to offer an overview of the smeSpire FP7 project and present the smeSpire Challenge related participant projects. Projects have been competing in the following tracks:

Track 1 – Best Practices for INSPIRE: This track aims at stimulating the submission of Best Practices related to INSPIRE implementations by thematic communities engaged in dataset harmonisation according to the data specification for the INSPIRE Annex I-II-III themes.

Track 2 – Open Source Software for INSPIRE: This track aims at lowering the many barriers existing for the adoption of open-source software by Governmental Authorities, Agencies and Enterprises. These include the common understanding that open-source licenses require derivative works to be licensed only under compatible licenses, lack of formal support and training, the velocity of change, and a lack of a long-term roadmap. Submissions within this track shall be based on open source software that uses specific results from inputs provided by one or more datasets harmonised according to the data specifications for the INSPIRE Annex I-II-III themes.

The aim of the second part of the workshop is to inspire ideas for building great applications that serve the INSPIRE Directive and use NASA’s open source virtual globe technology World Wind. The workshop will stimulate an open discussion about the exploitation of the virtual globe technology to support delivery and analysis of geo-information. Furthermore there will be a focus on how the geo-ICT SMEs and the public institutions can exploit the potentiality of these emerging technologies. The workshop will illustrate the growth of 3D Geobrowser from their born in the earlier 2000, highlighting the evolution of the technologies and the future opportunities for the next years opened by cloud computing and big-data challenges.


Proposal Type:  Workshop/Seminar
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INSPIRE supporting the implementation of environment law


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