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Tomas Mildorf, Simon Templer, Tor Gunnar Øverli, Karel Charvat and Stepan Kafka

(Submission #64)


The workshop will inform the audience about the achievements of the plan4business project finalised in March 2014. This includes the description and features of the plan4business service platform for data integration, processing and analysis, the business plan for the platform commercialisation and the Open Data Platform initiative You should learn how to integrate spatial plans and land use data using the plan4business tools and the INSPIRE data specifications, how to publish your data through OGC services and how to make business by combining and linking Open Data.


Proposal Type:  Workshop/Seminar
Presentation Type:  Implementation/Best Practice


INSPIRE Data and Service Sharing
Technologies, methods and tools required to deliver INSPIRE
INSPIRE based apps for Innovation – Short demonstrations
Integrating eGovernment with INSPIRE
The future of INSPIRE: Governance, policy and technology
INSPIRE + Open Data + Copernicus + Social and Sensor Networks = Big Data?


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