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Linked Map: maps, Linked Data and INSPIRE

Francisco J Lopez-Pellicer, Javier Lacasta, Walter Rentería-Agualimpia, Jesús Barrera, Juan Lopez-de-Larrinzar and Jose M Agudo

(Submission #93)


Any portrayal of INSPIRE data conveys such amount of rich aggregated semantic information that each pixel deserves to be enabled as a link to the underlying data. However, the representation and the annotation of maps as Linked Data is an open issue. This submission presents the Linked Map project ( whose goal is the development of guidelines for extending OGC Web Map Services (WMS) with transparent read-write Linked Data support. This extension could help to close the gap between maps and Linked Data. We call this kind of extension Linked Map Service (LMS).

As demonstration of the LMS technology, the project Linked Map plans to enable users to understand a visually rich representation of INSPIRE data and its relation to Volunteer Geographic Information (VGI) through a Web site based on LMS. This demonstration involves an experiment that combines in a meaningful way a big INSPIRE dataset that contains data from Annex I and Annex III themes (BCN25/BTN25) with live VGI data (OpenStreetMap), and involves issues such as versioning, provenance and access control.

We believe that technologic advances such as the LMS technology and Web sites such as the above described could foster the adoption of Linked Data in some INSPIRE-related scenarios.

Acknowledgements. This work has been partially supported by the EU (Planet Data project FP7-257641), the Spanish Government (TIN2012-37826-C02-01), the National Geographic Institute (IGN) of Spain and GeoSpatiumLab S.L. The work of Juan López has been partially supported by the Spanish Government (grant INC-TU-2011-1528). The work of Walter Rentería-Agualimpia has been partially supported by the Government of Aragon (grant ref. B181/11). The work of José

M. Agudo has been partially supported by the Government of Aragon (grant INNOVA-A1-038-13).


Proposal Type:  Oral Presentation
Presentation Type:  Technical/Research


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