Opening Plenary

27th September 2016
11:00 – 12:00 Auditorium I
Chair: Dr. h.c. Jaume Miranda i Canals
Director General, Institut Cartogràfic i Geològic de Catalunya

Opening speeches – welcome and scene setting

Dr. h.c. Jaume Miranda i Canals
Director General, Institut Cartogràfic i Geològic de Catalunya
Professor Oriol Nel·lo
Department of Geography, Autonomous University of Barcelona
“Spatial Data Infrastructure: a New European Vision”
Welcome address
Mrs. Joanna Drake
European Commission, Directorate-General Environment, Deputy Director-General
Dr. Hans Bruyninckx
Executive Director of the European Environment Agency
Excmo. Sr. Mario Garcés Sanagustín
Deputy Secretary of Public Works, Spanish government
H.C. Sr. Josep Rull
Minister of Planning and Sustainability, Catalunya government
Thematic Plenary I:
INSPIRE for Environment – closing the implementation gap

27th September 2016
13:30 – 15:00 Auditorium I
Chair: Stefan Jensen
European Environment Agency, Head of Group, Data Management

The first thematic plenary session, "INSPIRE for environment – closing the implementation gap", will focus on the effectiveness of the implementation of the INSPIRE value proposition in satisfying the needs of its customer segments in the environmental policy domain.

The first intervention in this session will set the scene by presenting an approach for the active dissemination and reporting of information related to legislation on urban waste water and the role of INSPIRE.

The second intervention by the European Commission, DG ENV, will provide an EU overview of the implementation state-of-play. It will present a number of issues, recommendations and the outlines of a forward looking strategy at the EU level for turning those in concrete actions.

Such actions require strong coordination between the EU and Member States. They will have to be tailored to the specific implementation challenges faced by different countries, across their borders and across the thematic communities who are partners, implementers as well as customers of INSPIRE.

To fuel the debate, representatives from a number of neighbouring countries will then present their plans and views on implementation.

Setting the scene: INSPIRE for Reporting and Dissemination of Urban Waste Water Information
Mr. Benoît Fribourg-Blanc
Project manager at International Office for Water, France
INSPIRE Implementation state-of-play and outlook
Mr. Joachim D'Eugenio,
European Commission, Directorate-General for Environment, Deputy-Head of Unit of the Compliance & Better Regulation Unit
The Iberian peninsula INSPIRE implementation outlook
Mrs. Elisa Rivera, Advisor of the State Secretary for the Environment of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment of Spain
Mr. Emilio López Romero, Director of the National Centre for Geographic Information of Spain
Mr. Mário Caetano, Deputy Director-General of the Directorate-General of Territorial Development of Portugal
Mr. Joaquim Pinto da Costa, Head of the Department of Technology and Information Systems of the Portuguese Environment Agency
The Nordic INSPIRE implementation outlook
Mrs. Christina Wasström, INSPIRE National contact point for Sweden, Lantmäteriet - the Swedish mapping, cadastral and land registration authority
Mrs. Ulla Kronborg Mazzoli, Chief Advisor National INSPIRE Contact Point for Denmark, Agency for data Supply and Efficiency
Mr. Panu Muhli, Chief Expert, INSPIRE Secretariat Finland and SDI Services Department, Finnish Geospatial Research Institute, National Land Survey of Finland
INSPIRE Implementation outlook across France & Germany
Mr. Martin Lenk, Head of the Spatial Data Infrastructure Coordination Office of Germany
Mr. Marc Leobet, responsible for the INSPIRE directive at the French Ministry of Environment

Thematic Plenary II:
INSPIRE for the Digital Economy

28th September 2016
11:00 – 12:30 Auditorium I
Chair: Mr. Alessandro Annoni
European Commission, Head of the Digital Economy Unit, JRC

The second thematic plenary session, INSPIRE for the Digital Economy will look at the INSPIRE value proposition in the context of  the EU's Digital Single Market, cross-cutting eGovernment and the EU's strategy for space Copernicus programme.

The first intervention in this session delivers an EU perspective on the synergies between INSPIRE and actions under the  Digital Single Market strategy such as the European Interoperability Framework and Strategy, the 2016-2020 eGovernment Action plan, the European Cloud and Data Centres initiative and instruments such as the Interoperability Solutions for public Administrations, ISA2 programme.

The EU Space strategy Copernicus programme is a major provider as well as user of spatial data, observations and thematic data covered by the scope of INSPIRE. The second intervention of this session will focus on the synergies of INSPIRE and the EU Copernicus Earth observation and services programme.  

The last three interventions will comment on the potential and challenges of INSPIRE and Copernicus for eGovernment and environment related applications. They will show and assess through concrete applications developed in collaborations between the private and public sector the added value of INSPIRE in a digital sustainable economy context.

INSPIRE relevant policy developments in the EU's digital economy initiatives

Mrs. Margarida Abecasis
European Commission, Directorate-General for Informatics, Head of Unit:  Interoperability solutions for European public administrations

Synergies between the EU Copernicus programme and INSPIRE

Mr. Mauro Facchini
European Commission, Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, Head of Unit Copernicus

Potential of INSPIRE and Copernicus for eGovernment and environment

Mr. Miguel Ángel Esbri
EU Project Manager/Coordinator - ATOS S.A - Spain

Usability and Development of e-government platforms. Improvements based on the application of the INSPIRE service

Mr. Stavros Tekes,
Draxis Environmental Technologies SA.,  Greece

Powering eGovernment services through INSPIRE

Mr. Sergio Anguita
Head of Geotechnologies, Institut Cartogràfic i Geologic de Catalunya.


Thematic Plenary III:
INSPIRE by thematic networks

29th September 2016
11:00 – 12:30 Auditorium I
Chair: Hugo de Groof
European Commission, Directorate-General for Environment, Compliance & Better Regulation Unit

The third thematic plenary session, INSPIRE by thematic networks will address the alignment of the business models of a number of thematic networks with INSPIRE.

Both national and trans-national coordination plays a key role in these efforts. A number of the organisations tackled this challenge through a coordinated effort of their pan-European thematic networks.

A number of those thematic networks, which together cover a significant part of the spatial data under the scope of INSPIRE, will contribute to the debate by presenting their approach in aligning to the INSPIRE business model. They will report on challenges and achievements and share their views on the INSPIRE implementation outlook.

INSPIRE by mapping agencies - The European Location Framework, ELF experience and outlook

Mr. Mick Cory
EuroGeographics Secretary General and Executive Director

The European Forum for Geospatial Statistics, EFGS  - Benefits and challenges of INSPIRE  in the field of statistics

Mr. Janusz Dygaszewicz
President of EFGS and Director of the Programming and Coordination of Statistical Survey Division. Central Statistical Office of Poland

Towards an INSPIRE-compliant European Geological Data Infrastructure: Challenges and opportunities

Mr. Luca Demicheli
Secretary General,

The European Marine Observations and Data Network, EMODNET and INSPIRE
Mr. Alessandro Pititto
COGEA, Coordinator of EMODnet Human Activities.
Mr. Luigi Falco
The European Meteorological services and INSPIRE
Mr. Eric Petermann
Executive Director, EUMETNET
Mr. William McCairns
Chief Executive, ECOMET

Closing Plenary

30th September 2016
15:30– 17:00 Auditorium I
Chair: Robert Konrad
European Commission, Directorate-General for Environment, Head of Unit of the Compliance & Better Regulation Unit

The closing plenary session of the conference is in the first place the moment where we take stock of the lessons learned during the conference.
Together with a report on the findings from the 2016 Geospatial World Forum, these findings present a useful "take-away" package, a source of future 'INSPIREation' for the participants.
The closing plenary is also the moment of the INSPIRE Awards, which honour contributions to the implementation of INSPIRE for their excellence.
Finally, it is also the moment where once again we have to say goodbye, however not without saying until the next time. No INSPIRE conference is therefore complete without honouring and thanking the current organisers for their hospitality and the presentation of the next year's conference hosts.

Report on the 2016 Geospatial World Forum Conference
Mr. Sanjay Kumar
Chief Executive Officer Geospatial Media and Communications
INSPIRE 2016 Conference – Lessons learned and Take away
Mr. Alessandro Annoni
European Commission, Head of the Digital Economy Unit of the Joint Research Centre
AWARDS Ceremony - INSPIRE song
Conference Hand-over Ceremony - INSPIRE 2017 Conference - Announcement Presentation
Closing Remarks and Goodbye Address

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