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Europa Challenge CitySmart Winners

Patrick Hogan and Maria Brovelli

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The Europa Challenge ( provides the opportunity for the world's *best and brightest* to deliver sustainable solutions to the world community based on use of NASA WorldWind open source 4D virtual globe technology. This challenge is open to all on our home planet and includes two tracks, one for SMEs and one for Academia (Students and Researchers).

The challenge is now entering its fourth year. Previous events were held at INSPIRE Firenze 2013, FOSS4G Bremen 2014, FOSS4G Como 2015 and now Trento Italy in 2016. Each year the challenge has used the INSPIRE Directive as guidance for open source solutions. And each year a jury of world experts in geospatial technology, including JRC, have assessed the work of the various teams.

The theme for this year’s challenge is sustainable cities, often referred to as smart cities. The city of Trento Italy is hosting the top teams for three days of presentations, code sharing and a final push for the very best application addressing the ‘smart city’ theme aligned with the INSPIRE Directive.

All results will be released as open source. This allows the cities of the world to directly benefit from the results of the software development carried out by all participants of the challenge. Cities typically need the very same solutions. They need the latest technology, applied smartly and oriented to effectively and efficiently manage city infrastructure in ways that allows society to thrive. Cities typically address their needs in isolation. But in fact all cities need the same tools to manage infrastructure, while improving efficiency and the quality of life.

If every city continually challenged every other city for the best ideas and solution technology to support a thriving and sustainable world, we would quickly achieve our greatest good, a world working together in each other’s interest. And also save a ridiculous amount of money by sharing development costs!

We will announce the Europa Challenge winners and present the winning applications at the INSPIRE 2016 Conference in Barcelona.


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