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Mission Exploitation Platform PROBA-V

Erwin Goor

(Submission #109)


VITO and partners develop and operate the PROBA-V Mission Exploitation Platform (MEP) (, as an ESA pathfinder project, to improve the exploitation of the PROBA-V EO-data archive (, a Copernicus Contributing Mission) and the past mission SPOT-VEGETATION by researchers, service providers and end-users. The analysis of time series of data (+PByte) is addressed, as well as the large scale on-demand processing of near real-time data and a Virtual Research Environment. Furthermore several components from the MEP, e.g. a Time Series Vierwer, are integrated in the Copernicus Global Land Service (, an operational global systematic monitoring service offering 13 near realtime bio-geophysical parameters at global scale on vegetation state/dynamics and on land cover change.

From November 2015 the operational PROBA-V MEP is gradually deployed at the VITO data center with direct access to the complete data archive. Several applications will be released to the users, e.g.

-A time series viewer, showing the evolution of PROBA-V bands and derived vegetation parameters for any area of interest.

-Full-resolution viewing services for the complete data archive, up to 100m spatial resolution at global scale.

-On-demand processing chains e.g. for the calculation of N-daily composites.

-A Virtual Machine will be provided with access to the full data archive and tools to work with this data, e.g. various toolboxes and support for R and Python.

After an initial release in January 2016, a research platform will gradually be deployed allowing users to design, debug and test applications on the platform. From the MEP PROBA-V, access to Sentinel-2/3 and landsat data will be addressed as well, e.g. to support the Cal/Val activities of the users.

Users can make use of powerful Web based tools and can self-manage virtual machines to perform their work on the infrastructure at VITO with access to the complete data archive. To realise this, private cloud technology (openStack) is used and a distributed processing environment is built based on Hadoop. The Hadoop ecosystem offers a lot of technologies (Spark, Yarn, Accumulo, etc.) which we integrate with several open-source components.

The impact of this MEP on the user community will be high and will completely change the way of working with the data and hence open the large time series to a larger community of users. The presentation will address these benefits for the users, the opportunities related to INSPIRE (Web service) and the technical challenges in implementing this MEP.


Topic Area:  [2.4] INSPIRE + Open Data + COPERNICUS
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   Copernicus, Exploitatin Platform, Web services, on-demand processing, Virtual Research Environment

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