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Development of Strategic Urban Land Use Analysis Model

Darko Šiško, Tihomir Jukić and Vlado Cetl

(Submission #111)


Research on strategic urban land use analysis model is carried out as work on PhD thesis on the University of Zagreb at the Faculty of Architecture and Faculty of Geodesy. Research work is partly financed by the DEMLAS project (Development of Multipurpose Land Administration System) under the Croatian science foundation. Testbed for implementation is in the Office for Strategic Planning and Development of the City of Zagreb. Strategic development diagnoses, trends and scenarios can be created by the confrontation of existing land use and urban plans in more time periods (temporally). This approach can give very useful answers to several strategic development questions: land use quantification, transformation of land use, potential for development and capacities, changes in land use policy, monitoring implementation of planned development etc. Strategic urban land use analyses model should combine knowledge from both urbanistic and geoinformation science. Several existing land use models were examined: theoretical urbanistic model, INSPIRE Land Use model, Urban Atlas, LUCAS, national planning model of Croatia, regional land use model of Île-de-France and city model of Vienna. Each model has some advantages but also disadvantages considering strategic urban land use analysis. Based on it a new model is developed. Model includes elements such as: purpose, temporal and spatial resolution, land use classification, delineation of land use zones and data sources.


Topic Area:  [1.3] Land management and monitoring
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   Land use, urban, model, strategic planning

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