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eSpatial program of projects for more efficiente spatial planinng and buiding permits procedures in Slovenia

Tomaz PETEK and Jurij MLINAR

(Submission #121)


For the successful spatial planinng and management with real estates it is necessary the establishment of spatial data infrastructure in Slovenia. These include quality information and updated spatial data sets, managed and maintained in easily accessible databases, as well as contemporary and electronic-based services based on spatial data sets. Guaranteed access to quality information about the area, and their consistent application in the processes of planning and construction as a precondition for effective and easy to implement processes for planning, building construction and real estate management. In Slovenia, most of the key spatial databases are already in place, some of them are still in the building or can be completed. Some database of properties (eg. Land register and cadastre) have been established in outdated IT solutions, which complicates their integration and enables the use of modern in terms of interoperability. In order to improve the current situation the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning and the Surveying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia drew up a plan of measures and activities under the name "The project e-spatial".

Processes for spatial planning, building construction and real estate management it is possible to speed up and improve with establishing and usage of compatible (interoperable) spatial databases. All this will be presentet in our paper.


Topic Area:  [2.8] INSPIRE and the European Interoperability Framework
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   INSPIRE, spatial planinng, data harmonisation and interoperability

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