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Improved land use planning in 3D

Hilde Johansen Bakken and Tor Gunnar Overli

(Submission #132)


Traditionally land use plans are prepared in 2D with supporting documents for land use regulations. The Norwegian SOSI Plan model reflects the principle of INSPIRE Data Specification on Land Use and harmonisation rules are now being defined. Even though the national standard is comprehensive and detailed, the INSPIRE specification provides valuable structure which add to the usability of land use data in Norway.

However, in complicated urban structures with strict regulations and activities on different vertical levels - (on-, below- or above ground / sea), the traditional 2D approach of land use plans is not sufficient.

Land use plans are also a key for development and construction. Improved land use plans, for both land and sea, from a technical perspective will ease the building and construction permit process for all participants and ensure proper land use from the perspective of a democratic planning process - maintaining the principles of sustainability, transparency and improves societies.

The presentation will show the new approach to land use plans in 3D with digital regulations developed by the Ministry of Local Governments and Modernisation of Norway. It will further demonstrate how this fits with the INSPIRE specifications and how we are now migrating from our current data exchange format SOSI to GML in 3D.


Topic Area:  [2.1] Urban and rural sustainability: Smart cities / Smart rural
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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Comments:   Land use planning, 3D, GML, digital regulations

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