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Testing tools to create INSPIRE download services: lesson learned

Florence Couvreur

(Submission #139)


The INSPIRE download services provide data in gml following the structure defined by the xsd INSPIRE schemas. IGN-Belgium have decided to test different solutions and choose the optimal process to transform our reference data into INSPIRE (gml) and set up the download services (WFS) in accordance with INSPIRE. Many tools exist in the market, there are proprietary solutions such as ESRI or Snowflake, our own solution or development (e.g. in Python language) or a mixed solution using a ETL system as FME or HALE (Humboldt Alignment Editor). The study covers all the type of tools from the home-made solution where we’ve got the full control to the turn-key solution working as a black box. The IGN reference data are held in the ITGI-Vref database (inventaire topogéographique - topogeografische inventaris), and the ITGI-Vref structure can be far from the INSPIRE model and some complex transformations are needed ( e.g. to transfer information on the vertical position relative from bridge objects to networks links). Thus the production environment used in IGN-Belgium and the complexity of our reference data model are the key points to choose the most appropriate solution(s) to create INSPIRE download services.


Topic Area:  [2.2] Technologies and tools required to deliver INSPIRE
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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