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Inspire services of the Spanish Directorate General for Cadastre and its use to resolve an old problem of coordination between Spanish Cadastre and Land Registry.

amalia velasco, José Miguel Olivares, Luis Virgós, Carlos Alonso and Fernando Serrano

(Submission #146)


The Spanish Cadastre, dependent on the Finance Ministry, possesses physical and economic data of the real estate together with the identification of the cadastral title holder. It is a Graphical Information System allowing the location and identification of the real estates and their characteristics. Spanish Cadastre is the LMO for Cadastral Parcels, Addresses and Buildings and already deliver the INSPIRE location, view and download services for more than 52,5 Millions of INSPIRE Cadastral Parcels, more than 12 Millions INSPIRE Buildings and more than 13 Millions of INSPIRE addresses

In Spain, the Cadastre and the Land Registry are two independent but closely related organisations. The Land Registry depends on the Ministry of Justice and constitutes a legal registry of rights that ensures a high degree of legal security in real estate transactions. The Registry stores titles and deeds and it is a freely accessible public information service but had not graphic information.

On June 2015, the Spanish Government has put in force a new Mortgage Law that aims to incorporate to the information of the real estate registered in the Land Registry, the graphic geo-referenced description, using the cadastral cartography as basis; in order to offer greater security where location, delimitation and surface of registered properties are concerned.

The technical requirements for information exchange and the coordination mechanisms have been developed by a legal Joint Resolution that defines that the graphic exchange format must be INSPIRE complaint..

This coordination increases legal certainty because, once the cadastral data has been incorporated to the real estate information in the Land Registry, the delimitation, location and area data shall presumed certain for all legal purposes. Then, in the publicity that Land Registry and Cadastre give of that real estate, it will indicate if the real estate is coordinated between the two organizations and the date of coordination.

The presentation will explain how the INSPIRE GML format is embedded in the Cadastral Certification, that it is going to be used by all agents involved in the property traffic, and how the validity of a graphical representation is going to be ensured; and will show the web services that have been implemented by Cadastre, Notaries and Registrars to complete the procedure in digital form and as much as unattended as possible to reduce the administrative burden of the citizens.


Topic Area:  Integrating eGovernment with INSPIRE
Abstract Type:  Oral Presentation

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